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My passion is to make unique photo posters based on the unknown of the macro world. All my photos are created from an intuitive principle in which I see the potential of a great picture. I name the pictures - but you, as a customer, can re-name them based on what you see in the images. Explore our posters

- By Brian Novak -


About us


The history behind FotoFactor

FotoFactor is a company that makes photo-posters for residential and commercial use. My concepts for the posters stems from everyday life situations. I have a creative mind when it comes to photographs, and I see pictures in everything, mainly when I am very close to the objects. Many of my images frame objects in new ways based on their colour and the unknown of the macro.

The unknown and the unexplainable in an image is often realised through multiple shots and a single image sometimes has to be created from approximately 100 different pictures before the perfect experience of a colourful image becomes the final result. The name of the images mostly come to me after the image has been created.


I have a background as a salesman, but I have always had a great passion to create something exclusive - something which gives my audience the space to open their mind. My name is Brian Novak. I was born in 1969 and I am the creator and owner of

I started 3 years ago with taking pictures of virtually everything around me. I had only a mobile phone but I must say that it really caught my interest. My approach was quite crazy; I saw pictures in everything, and then after taking around 400 I found out that I always had to be very close to the complete experience before I thought it was cool.


So finally, I invested in a Canon 6d camera with a macro lens and so opened up new opportunities. It was really fun, and now, I could truly play with the images. So started the idea behind fotofactor: unique and funny pictures, where I would take pictures where one would wonder when seeing them, “what is it?” I name the pictures after I finish treatment and they can get very random, depending on what I see.

My starting point is that you as a customer can give the images your own name.

So be my guest here at fotofactor, enjoy the pictures you purchase and find your favourite image. Buy yourself the frame you feel matches the picture and let it showcase itself in your home. Remember it when it hangs on your wall. Give it a name.
Now it is your own image.

Now that you know a little about me, feel free to go explore my Collection and find your favourite and discover what you see.
You are very welcome to write to me and tell me what you see in the picture and what you will call it.




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